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We hope you enjoyed your time in the TEXAS Steaklounge! The digital pages of our guestbook are open for anecdotes, reports of experiences, greetings, compliments, but also constructive ctiticism for all Texans by choice. We look forward to each word of yours and we do our best to implement your suggestions.

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Michal Jezek 09.08.2016
Hello, I would like you to reserve a table for 4 people on saturday the 6.11 at 6 p.m. Thanks a lot already for your willingness.


Torsten Vogelsberg, DER „KLEINE“ TORSTEN 24.05.2016
Enjoy your meal, finishing your food is a civic duty right?! ;) I feel sorry for myself and my guests! It was so much that I had to pack my food. For the dog! So a doggie bag! But even he could not finish it!!! So seriously: the best ! So if it will take revenge now, it was our fault, right ?! :P. ..and this lemonade – DEVINE ! We are very thankful! It was really a: /“...verum gaudium!/“ *t.!* This is by this – gosh, what was he called ? - Oh yes, by SENECA ! It means something ike : serious pleasure, true joy, or what fits in this case /“an awesome blowout“/! :)) .. and this for my 29th birthday!:D The burger is proud of you and this foreign kitchen! :))) MERCI !!!


Lisa Petersen 28.04.2016
My husband and I were here very often, when we used to live in Erfurt. The food is really good! We tried many different restaurants in Germany, but you rarely get such a good Steak. Whenever we were there, everything was always grilled on point, everything was prepared and served freshly. Everything that is on the menu is edible. The waiters were always kind and helpful. Any extra wishes never caused any problems. Continue like that! We will always eat at your restaurant een if we now live in Brandenburg. IMPORTANT – Always reserve!


Patrick Ott 28.03.2016
it was very delicious again. I was there for the second time today and ended up being more than just full :) Anytime again :)


Gerlinde Müller 25.03.2016
Compliments to the one responsible for the steak. 400 gramm on point, a lot of the „/Proffessionals/“ can´t even do that with out any tricks. Finalyy everything on the plate and not in 5 bowls on the table. Very kind waiter at our table but I could also watch some „/annoyed/“ waiters at other tables. With that much quality in the food, I can also excuse the time I had to wait. Recommendable...


Mandy Friedrich – Hammer 25.02.2016
The food was very good, I rarely ever ate this good. A BIG compliment to the kitchen. However, when we were there last, we were send away very unfriendly. It is nice when you are sold out, but you can also be friendlier when telling us that there is no space.


Marco Kalbe 19.0.2016
We had a very nice evening, with very good food a a super nice waitress (Tina), at your restaurant. I look forward to te next time! Regards, Marco....


Daniel Halusa 02.02.2016
I am astonished every single time again. Tomorrow I will have my third visit in the Texas and I really look forward to the food and the kind waiters and ofcause to the atmosphere that never failed.:)

Peter Nitsch 09.12.2015
Since my son turned 14 on that day, we ended the day in the Texas with an outstandiung dinner and a great atmosphere. I reserved a table online one month before, and asked for a table that was decorated in a style that fitted our celebration. What should I say, we ere shown a wonderful table, which was decorated in the season and a birthday card was there with which the Texas Team congratulated my son. What the Texas established here, referring to the contact with guests is really astonishing. We will definitaly come here again. Kind regards to the whole Texas Team. You rock!


Werner Sobiella 06.12.2015
We were only in Erfurt for one day and we found the Texas by coincidence. We were really lucky that we found a table for me and my friend (who´s birthday it was on that day) – I can only say – again, tanks a lot! It was a very nice evening with excellent food and a very kind waiter ! If we are near it again, we will surely come here again!!!


Lisa Eisenträger 22.11.2015
Many thanks for the evening yesterday: It was great!!! I already new the Texas – it was the first visit for my friends and he 125 km we had to drive, really paid off. A unique atmosphere and our waiter was the attention in person. Then the food: Excellent! Starting from the 500 gramm USA Beef and ending with the vegetarian dish – everything was great! THANK YOU and see you next time :)


Nici F. 17.11.2015
We visit the Texas for every special event – and if nothing special is happening, also just like that :-), becaue in the Texas the food is always really good. You have a great choice of really tasty, nice drinks and snacks – everything that you want. This time I had salad with Beef – a poem, he meat melted on the tongue. Respect to the kitchen and the, as always fine serice!!!! We are looking forward to see you again soon in the best restaurant in Erfurt.


Silvana Schmidt 12.11.2015
Dear Team, since I could not reach you by telephone, I will now use this way. I will have to cancel my reservation for the 15.11 5 p.m. For 4 people. However, we are looking forward to the next time. Thank you for your understanding.


Rico Enki 01.11.2015
Judged by taste, very good food. This is probably the reason for the restaurant always being full and the steaks only beeing served after a hour. I should mention the kind attentive waitress. Maybe – I know his from other restaurants – the long times of waiting could be bypassed with free snacks. For example Chips. Otherwise: Anytime again!


Sabine Bock 17.10.2015
Dear Texas- Team, we ate in the Texas restaurant together with 8 people. It was a very nice evening with an attentive service. The waitress was quick, authentic, friendly and proffessional. We were cared for and spoiled by Maria! The food was very, very delicious! Fresh, hot, very well spiced and the portions were huge. Thak you


Cornelia Hasenstein 20.09.2015
Hello. I have to quit my table that I reserved for tonight for 3 people. Sorry.. see you the next time!


Mathias Schönknecht 20.08.2015
Hello, unfortunately I will have to cancel the table I just reserved. My Cousin will only arrive here at midnight because of the problems with the trains. See you next time. Schönknecht


Sabine Schwenken 17.07.2015
The Texas unfortunately turned from a restaurant into a quick service restaurant due to its reservation concept. The first thing they say is „You have a time period of two hours, after that your table will be reserved again.“ Veto –
Reaction : „You could have called, if you would have wanted to stay longer“ Result: Goodpaying (ex-regulars) will no longer drink a botle of wine or something similar, since the time is missing in this restaurant. Additionaly, you get the impression of too less space, with that a restaurant has already failed. Consequenzes: Maybe for a little meal, but no longer for a long restaurant visit.


Christine Schlechte 05.07.2015
We ate at the Steakhouse today. It was very empty because of the heat outside, the food was very tasty, the waitress was kind and the atmosphere was as always great. ANYTIME AGAIN!!!


Evelyn Sok-Lämmerhirt 23.06.2015
I already pressed enter by exident, so what I was going to say, we will stay loyal.


Evelyn Sok-Lämmerhirt 23.06.2015
We ate in the Texas gain on Friday, the 19.06. Like always, it was really good with great service. Unfortonatley there was a guest who just could not behave, we never experienced something like that. It was very annoying and I can only wish the Texas Team luck, to cope with people like that. Unfortonately there have to be some people that can´t behave.


Siegfried Huster 21.06.2015
Huster, Siegfried 19.06.2015 Our visit in this restaurant was a total fail. We had to wait 90 minutes for our food, one dish was forgotten so we had to wait another 30 minutes and the accompainments came sparsely or not at all.


Nico Predatsch 03.06.2015
The steak was very good, however, the accompainments were forgotten for the second time now an the waiter Pelle is the peak of all. He is full of unfriendlyness and arrogance..for your restaurant, he i a very bad choice.


Sylvana Müller 03.05.2015
The food is absolutely delicious! TOP! But it did just take too long – even if it is freshly made, an hour is just too long.


Frank Jakob 13.04.2015
It was, as always wonderful. We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary very nicely at your restaurant.We will come bak soon! Frank and Anne. BTW: you have the best service!


Dino Baumeister 12.04.2015
Hello, nice TV performance but check the spelling ( gesch(w)eige ) the rest was good :-)


Michael Misiek 18.03.2015
We came to you yesterday very hungry a bit past 8 p.m. Eventhough only like half of the tables were full and many guests already had their food, we had to, after the salad was on the table pretty quickly, wait untild half past 9 p.m. For our Steaks. That was unfortunote since although the food was very good, and the meat was on point, we will think about where to go. If we are very hungry, deffinately not to the Texas.


Christian Konrad 11.03.2015
Hello, I know that it always tastes good at the texas but seriously, your newweb performance kills it. See you soon!!


Andre G 25.02.2015
Looks really nice, fits to the food!


Jan S. 25.02 2015
The new website really turned out well! Congratulations!



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