Texas Steak Lounge

TEXAS Steaklounge
Christian Isecke

Adress: Walkmühlstr 13
99084 Erfurt
Fax: 03616010777
E-mail: info@texas-erfurt.de

City administration
Trade office
Staufenbergerallee 18
99085 Erfurt


Person/ People in charge of journalistic-editing texts
Christan Isecke, Katharina Kühn


The whole Team is equipped by:
Pfitzner Mode – This is where Fashion in Erfurt is home!
Lange Brücke 59
99084 Erfurt


Conception, Design and Programming
Samt & Seidel KG
Communication & Public Relations
Hirschlachufer 72
99084 Erfurt


Fotographer Andreas Stedtler


Indications to data privacy
To use our Internet offer, you do not have to lay open your identity to us. However, if you would want to contact us, it can be neccesary to give us some information about your privat or factual conditions. We might ask for these, save them, proccess them and use information that gives an indication of your identity (personal data such as your name, your e-mail adress, your postal adress or your telephone number). We still consider your clauses in terms of data-protection law. We only use data that was asked for by you or because of our internet offer accrued personal data, to achieve what you asked us for when you contacted us.


Indications of right and business conditions
The contents of our Website are researched with great care. However, we cannot take any responsibility for the integrity, completeness or currentness of the content. Contributions that are labelled with names, only contain the opinion of the Author. With the pure use of our website there are no contractual relationships that come about. The use will only takes place at one´s own risk.



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Monday – Friday
5.00 pm to 12.00 am
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11.00 am to 12.00 am